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How to keep laminate flooring looking great--always

It’s a well-known fact and any flooring retailer will tell you this: Laminate floors are one of the easiest to maintain.

Today’s laminate floors are beautiful and not at all what you may remember from years past. You want to protect them always and here’s how.

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Vacuum or dust mop regularly

Try to do it once a day if possible. If you vacuum, use the hard floor setting; the following brushes can scratch. Excess surface dirt causes streaking and possibly scratching. A dust mop is best since traditional brooms might only move the particles around.
Modern laminate flooring in Grass Valley, CA from Cal Flooring

Don’t overdo it!

It's only natural to want to use a lot of soap on a grimy floor but don't. Too much leaves a residue that dulls the laminate finish, while excess water gets between the joints. The floor should dry within a couple of minutes.

Use a manufacturer-approved cleaner, as recommended at the flooring store, and not a “good for all floor types” one that you pick up at the supermarket.

You can also make your own: ½ cup distilled white vinegar to one gallon of water. If so desired, you can add a few drops of lemon or 2 tablespoons of mild dish detergent.

Don’t use the shine-promoting or waxy cleaners but, rather, buff the floors after drying with a soft cloth.

What are laminate floors?

They are terrific mimics of wood, stone or tile. They have an assortment of texturing features available, such as wire-brushing, as well as a variety of colors, species, designs, and finishes.

They come in sheets or can be cut into planks and tile-sized pieces.