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How to take care of your hardwood floors

Hardwood is beautiful, elegant and timeless. This flooring never goes out of style, fits into any decor and adds value to your home. Myths abound, however, and one of them is that they are hard to take care of, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Cal Flooring’s staff has a saying at our decades-old company: We grew up in the flooring industry.

That’s because our company founder, Calvin Tollini, learned the trade from his father who operated his own successful flooring retail company. It seemed only natural that 20 years ago he and his wife, Jackie, would open their doors.

This company has a well-stocked inventory of all flooring materials, as well as an experienced staff who works with top realtors, designers, architects, general contractors, and property managers.

We hope to see you soon. Our showroom is in Auburn, CA and we service Grass Valley, Nevada City, and New Castle. Be sure to ask about our quotes and any discounts or promotions.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in North Auburn, CA from Cal Flooring

Hardwood that reduces some water concerns

The biggest concern, especially with solid wood, is excess water; it can be damaged by excess water. If you live in a home prone to leaky and burst pipes, you could be hesitant about these floors.

Engineered hardwood, and it’s taking over a big portion of the wood flooring industry, appealing to those who want both beauty and practicality. It adds the same value to your home as solid and can also be refinished.

The only difference about this is the construction. Rather than one slab of hardwood throughout a plank, this version has a slab on top with at least three layers or more of genuine wood mixed in with some resin. The layers are placed crosswise and this gives it stability and an increased ability to handle moisture.

It doesn't shrink or expand to adjust to the weather, so no acclimation is necessary. It also has more flexibility in installation, being able to be placed in some high moisture rooms where solid cannot.

General guidelines for care

Vacuum frequently without beater bars (rotating brushes) first, as they can scratch. If you polish, wipe dry to assure that no liquid gets between the boards. Do everyday things, such as placing mats at entryways, use protective pads on furniture feet; keep pet nails trimmed and avoid wearing stilettos on the floors.