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Home or away, everyone needs waterproof flooring

“But my floors are already impervious to water, so why do I need more waterproof protection?” you ask.

Even the best flooring has a time limit, but this one has a core that won’t ripple no matter how much water it’s exposed to, nor for how long.

Cal Flooring’s staff has a saying at our decades-old company: We grew up in the flooring industry.

That is because our company founder, Calvin Tollini, learned the trade from his father who operated his own successful flooring retail company. It seemed only natural that 20 years ago he and his wife, Jackie, would open their doors.

This company has a well-stocked inventory of all flooring materials, as well as an experienced staff who works with top realtors, designers, architects, general contractors, and property managers.

We hope to see you soon. Our showroom is in Auburn, CA and we service Grass Valley, Nevada City, and New Castle. Be sure to ask about our quotes and any discounts or promotions.

First things first: what it is

This is a newer generation of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), but rather than the traditional core, this one has the uber strong one that offers the highest level of waterproof and moisture protection.

You get the same style as LVF: a wonderful mimic of wood, tile or stone. There are texture features, such as one that can even make it look weathered, as well as a variety of species, colors, designs, and finishes.

The anecdotal (and cautionary tale)

We know someone who lives part of the year in a different region of the country. It was days before anyone checked on his first home. There was a flood from a burst pipe. Luckily, the flooring was waterproof, so the damage was contained.
Waterproof flooring in Auburn, CA from Cal Flooring

We create plenty of water and moisture in our own homes

Here are just some reasons to want a waterproof floor.

  • Backed up sinks and drainpipes. If sinks can’t drain, eventually it’s going to affect the connectors. When that happens, walls and ceilings will start to drip.
  • Corroded washing machine hoses. Just one corroded hose will spew 600 gallons of liquid per hour.
  • Dishwasher floods. This could be from overloading, as well as dried out and broken seals (which happens even if you don’t use it), or blocked drain hoses.
  • Damaged roofs with missing or damaged shingles.
  • Crumbled chimney flashing.